Scholarships are awarded annually to SSCers who have outstanding academic ability, who show strong leadership qualities, who demonstrate strength in services to the College and other communities and who contribute substantially to the sporting, music, cultural and social life of the College, whilst maintaining good conduct and behaviour.


Academic Scholarship

Scholarships are available for excellent performance in academic studies in the form of 100% (Full Scholarship) and 50% (Half Scholarship) school fee remission and are awarded automatically based on each year’s academic merits and rankings of good conduct. 

Academic Scholarships
Junior Form
1st to 5th : Full Scholarship and
6th to 10th : Half Scholarship
Senior Form
1st to 3rd : Full Scholarship and
4th to 7th : Half Scholarship
1st : Full Scholarship and
2nd and 3rd : Half Scholarship

NB. Students who are awarded Academic Scholarships must attain grades in the top 10% of the form (for full scholarships) or top 15% of the form (for half scholarships) in order to maintain their status each year

Non-academic Scholarship


Other Scholarship

  • Martin Scholarship
  • C.C. Li Scholarship
  • Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Yuen Sik Fan Scholarship
  • Class of ‘33 and ‘55 Scholarship
  • College Scholarship 
  • PTA Academic Excellence Award
  • PTA Most Improved Student Prizes
  • Professor Frederick K.S. Leung Mathematics Scholarship
  • Tsui Sai-cheong Special Prizes for Mathematics
  • S1 Admission Scholars for excellent performance in academic studies, music, sports or visual arts

Holistic Development

  • All-Round Outstanding Students of the Year
    • K.L. Chau Prize for the Junior All-Round Outstanding Boys of the Year
    • Mok Kon Sang Prize for the Senior All-Round Outstanding Boys of the Year
    • Winifred Cheung Prize for the Junior All-Round Outstanding Girls of the Year
    • Leung Nai Yuen Prize for the Senior All-Round Outstanding Girls of the Year
  • Model Students
  • Louise Law Creativity Scholarship
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes
  • Hong Kong Award for Young People


  • Special Prizes for Services
  • K.S. Yu Prize for Special Services
  • Fernandes Anthony Sooyong Memorial Scholarship
  • Head Prefect Prizes
  • The Kiwanis Community Service Award

Music, Sports and Visual Arts

  • Luke Yip Trophy
  • Centenary Trophy - Sports Personality of the Year
  • Centenary Organ Scholarships
  • Centenary Trophy - Musician of the Year
  • Music , Sports and Visual Arts Awards

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