Our college mission is to cultivate creativity and enhance entrepreneurial spirit with social responsibility. A signature of the College is the Creativity Programme. Under this three-year junior secondary programme, every student is required to produce an original piece of work or engage in collaborative projects by the end of Secondary Three. Students are offered opportunities to create and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and innovative potential through one of the following six areas:
  • iEngineering
    iEngineering, an extension of the SSC STEAM programme with robotics and design programs guided by alumni and professionals in the field
  • Creative Innovation
    Creative Inventions, an enrichment of our STEAM programme with Biotech experience workshops
  • Creative Business
    Creative Business, a platform for students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and seek out new opportunities
  • Creative Ceramics
    Creative Ceramics, a course for students to experiment with hand building techniques to create art that expresses ideas and intent
  • Creative Music
    Creative Music, a series of creative projects guided by working artists who focus on song-writing, music performance and music technology for production
  • Creative Media
    Creative Media, a programme that equips students with media literacy and enriches their language and communication skills

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