Boarding has been one of the most historic features of St Stephen's. We are one of the very few high schools in Hong Kong who provide boarding services, which began with the school itself, as we began in 1903 with six boarders and one day pupil.

We now have 5 boarding houses providing 454 boarding places:

Martin Hostel (since 1929)

School House - East Wing (since 1929)

School House - West Wing (since 1929)

North House (since 1952)

The College House (since 2012)

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Boarding at St Stephen's is engaging, fun, and productive. Boarders consider the College their second and develop a lasting relationship with their peers. They return to dormitories after school and enjoy moments of leisure and bonding. Our many boarding staff are caring and committed to students' fulfilling lives as boarders.


Objectives of Boarding

More specifically, boarding enables students to:

  • Develop self-confidence and motivation
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Develop collaboration skills with others
  • Build life-long friendships
  • Live independently
  • Develop talents through exploration
  • Learn to create boundaries and to respect others
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle
  • Develop healthy habits


Benefits of Boarding

Learning to be independent
Boarders learn to take care of themselves independently through their daily disciplines, routines, and good personal hygiene. Boarding provides the experience of a ‘home away from home’.

Excellent social skills
Boarders are able to polish and enhance their social skills through peer interaction. There will be many opportunities for collaboration and building teamwork.

Boarders learn to better manage their time through a strict timetable and healthy routines.

Life-long learning
Boarders are encouraged to explore and learn proactively through self-initiated activities.

Each dormitory creates a microcosm within which boarders learn how to cope with different styles and thinking and work together for the good of the whole community.By living closely with peers, a boarder is encouraged to explore and experiment with different ways of learning and interacting under the appropriate guidance and supervision of their teachers

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