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S1 Admission Q&As
Does SSC consider only Band 1 students? 
Student's academic results are assessed but his/ her overall profile and performance are also taken into consideration.
Does the school consider results of the 3rd internal assessment?
If the student's (first test) results are mediocre and is not considered for the first round of interview in January, he/ she can resubmit the application in July when he/ she has made an improvement in the (third test). 
What was the acceptance rate of last year?
The acceptance rate of school year 2021-22 is 10:1. 
What is the format of S1 interview?
S.1 admission test will be held face-to-face. Two interviewers will assess the student's English and Chinese (Cantonese/ Mandarin) speaking, logical thinking, use of vocabulary, reading skills etc.
Does the school provide school bus service?
The school bus service is provided by school bus operator with routing covering various districts on Hong Kong Island.
How to apply for a boarding place?
Boarding application is open in the Second Term. New students may apply for a boarding place after admission. Interested students and their parents should pay attention to the school announcement. Under normal circumstances, priority will be given to new students, especially those who reside in remote areas.
Pre-S1 student can apply for boarding starting from January to April.
(The application period is subject to changes. Parents and guardians should stay tuned with the school announcement.)
Can parents or guardians visit the dormitories, for better understanding about boarding life?
To protect the health and privacy of our students, unauthorised persons (including parents and guardians) are restricted to enter our dormitories. However, our school may open part of a dormitory in Admission Talk. In addition, a family member may accompany his/her child to enter our dormitory on the check-in day.
Can a day student make application for a boarding place in the middle of term? Or can a boarder withdraw from boarding in the middle of term?
Under normal circumstances, application is on a yearly basis, as our activities, orientation and other arrangements are also designed based on one academic year. If a day student would like to apply for a boarding place in the middle of term, we may consider the availability of boarding places as well as other factors including family situation, etc. If a boarder would like to withdraw from boarding, the boarding place will be allocated to the student on the waitlist. In recent years, we often received an overwhelming number of applications and therefore a few students were unable to acquire a boarding place. Students and parents should take this into consideration before withdrawal.
Can boarders use computer devices (including smart phones) in the dormitories?
All personal belongings brought to boarding should be related to personal care and hygiene, and learning. For computer devices and unregistered iPad, boarders must make written application and submit it to the respective Dormitory Officer. Only permitted items can be used. Junior boarders must place their smart phones, notebooks, and iPads in a designated locker by 10 P.M. They may collect their iPads next morning and mobile phones after school. This restriction is relaxed for higher form students. In addition, the College strongly advises boarders to communicate with their parents or guardians between 9:30 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. for discussing their learning progress and handling matters related to parent letters, etc.
What are the learning arrangements after school for boarders? Are there teachers guiding my child to complete assignments?
On normal school days, students have their leisure time for taking part in various school activities, including ECAs, after school and before supper. Tutorials and pull-out programme will be arranged to S1-2 boarders in the second week of boarding. The first prep lasts for 55 minutes, from 7:15 P.M. to 8:10 P.M.; and the second prep lasts for an hour, from 8:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. In the first prep, S1-2 boarders are split into different groups that they may attend tutorials which are supervised by our resident teachers. Besides, they may be allocated to pull-out programmes that resident teachers assist them in learning Chinese, English, and Mathematics. Note that the participants of the pull-out programmes are selected by the College in relation to their academic performance.
Can boarders leave campus for attending activities outside school?
Boarders leaving campus for attending activities outside school must make application two days in advance. Their parents or guardians should contact the respective Dormitory Officer and submit a letter for confirmation. On the day of outing, boarders must tap their student ID card at one of the security posts before leaving the campus within the permitted time slot. They must return before the end of the approved time slot. Boarders who have not yet obtained permission cannot leave the campus.
How can the discipline in dormitories be upheld?
The Warden, the Deputy Warden, Dormitory Wardens, Assistant Wardens, Dormitory Officers, janitors and Boarder Prefects collaborate closely to ensure that each boarder receives the utmost supervision, guidance and care. Boarders live in close proximity with Dormitory Wardens. Each dormitory, except West Wing Dormitory, has a live-in Dormitory Warden who looks after boarders’ safety and discipline at all times. The rules and regulations of boarding can be found in the Boarders’ Guide. If misbehavour has been found, our boarding staff will look into the incident and educate the related students. Appropriate punishment may be given whenever necessary.
When can students wear winter uniform and summer uniform?
Under normal circumstances, the College requires students to wear winter uniform in early November and summer uniform in mid-April, subject to the weather conditions by that time. The College will give them a grace period of at least two weeks to prepare the school uniforms. During the grace period, students may wear either the winter or summer uniform, but not a mix of both. Note that students must wear the winter uniform on Speech Day.
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