Mandatory Boarding Programme

The Mandatory Boarding Programme is tailor-made for every student of St Stephen’s College and is spread over a period of five years. S1 students enjoyed a fun Interpersonal Development Christian Camp which adequately advanced students’ academic and social skills. After the start of a new academic year, more activities like the simple home furniture workshop, the dining etiquette workshop, the High Table Dinner and an adventure-based camp were organised for them. The emphasis for S3 was leadership.  Students developed their perseverance and collaboration skills during the Outward Bound Leadership Training Programme. Workshops to equip students’ readiness to serve the community were also provided. S5 students attended a Careers Talk given by guest speakers during the High Table Dinner.

S1 Study and Thinking Skills Training; Leadership Training; Communication and Relationship Building, Service-Learning Activities and Training in effective habits for life.
S3 Outward Bound-type Leadership Training, Service-Learning Activities
S5 Career and Further Education Workshops, University Placement Counselling, Aptitude Tests.


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